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Automate. Iterate. Accelerate.

Attio Automations turns your GTM strategies into dynamic engines for revenue growth.

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When Deal status updated

Trigger when a Deal’s status is updated.

Is status “MQL”?

Continue if the Deal’s status is “MQL”.

Send action buttons to Slack

Send a summary and action buttons to Slack.

Add to “Enterprise” sequence

Add Deal’s PoC to “Enterprise” sequence.

Enterprise lead

Automate your way to GTM success.

No matter your GTM motion or strategy, Attio is the perfect way to drive it forward.

Automate your CRM to perfectly run your sales team processes, freeing your reps to close high-value deals.

Create better systems.

Attio’s powerful building blocks and intuitive visual canvas make it easier than ever to accelerate your GTM strategy.

Create with our visual canvas. No matter how complex your processes are, Attio’s beautiful interface makes automating them a cinch.
Build with powerful blocks. Turn ideas into real-life systems with precise, step-by-step control.
Extend Attio’s functionality. Build new features, calculations, formulas, and more.
Automate the impossible with AI. Manage processes that were impossible with complete, step-by-step control.

Trigger actions inside Attio or from any external input.


Get precise by customizing every actionable step of your process.

Artificial intelligence

Use AI to even automate tasks that require unstructured data.

Integrate automations with your stack.

Attio Automations allows you to orchestrate your GTM efforts using the best tools in your stack.

Outreach integration

Auto-add contacts to email sequences and trigger CRM actions via contact interactions.

Typeform integration

Use Typeform submission data to trigger automations right inside of Attio.

Slack integration

CRM automations in Slack. Share context, assign tasks and make decisions in real-time.

Mailchimp integration

Add people to Mailchimp, update current subscribers, and add them to audiences.

Mixmax integration

Add contacts to Mixmax and send them into your email sequences.

Webhooks integration

Use webhooks to integrate any tool in your stack, including data warehouses and CDPs.

Design powerful automations with AI.

Automate unstructured data, craft better workflows and accelerate your GTM strategy, all powered by AI.

Classify any data. Produce actionable insights from any data you can use to reference, summarize, and extract key findings.
Generate in-depth summaries. Transform complex customer data streams into insightful analysis and use them in any GTM process workflow.
And so much more... Attio lets you automate tasks that used to be impossible. Let your imagination run wild and let our AI handle the rest.

Build faster to go further.

Get up and running instantly with customizable, out-of-the-box templates.

Pass deals to Customer Success
Seamlessly pass all won deals to your Customer Success team for effective activation.
Closed-won deal notification
Notify and celebrate your won deals instantly with your team across your workspace.
Closed won deal Slack message
Instantly send an automated Slack message to your team when a deal is won.
Won and lost deal summary
Use AI to outline your won or lost deal and provides insights provide insight on what worked or didn’t work.
Customer renewal date autofill
Fill in customer renewal dates automatically to keep your customer success efforts on track.
Stay on top of customer churn
Never forget to reach out to customers who have just churned with automated reminders.

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